The SumUp Tech Radar helps our teams choose the best technology for new projects, any time technology choices need to be made. Based on the pioneering work of ThoughtWorks, and using the visualisation library from Zalando, our Tech Radar tracks the technologies that we currently use in production.

Tech Radar at SumUp
Tech Radar at SumUp
Dan Persa, Engineering Manager at SumUp

There are more than 400 people working in 60 squads across Engineering and Product at SumUp. Alignment, especially related to technology decisions, in such a large organisation, is not an easy task. That’s why, seeing the huge potential of a successful Tech Radar, I decided to drive the project forward.

Why does SumUp have a Tech Radar?

As well…

After the performance reviews, happening in every company at regular intervals, were you, or somebody you care about, in situations like these:

“I think I deserve a promotion — for all of the good work I did the whole year! I’m really unpleasantly surprised I didn’t get one!”

“I was expecting a 10% percent raise this fall, I’m really surprised that only got 3%. Now I’m really thinking of changing jobs!”

“I think I did a great job the whole year, but my lead told me during our performance review meeting, that she thinks that I was one of the…

I recently attended the GoTo Berlin conference, and saw many interesting talks about programming, microservices, architecture, virtual reality, and machine learning. The ones which inspired me most, however, were not the technical ones, but the more philosophical lectures.

Linda Rising gave a keynote that was especially thrilling. She was able to keep me — and her whole audience — engaged for the entire period of her talk, so much so that immediately afterwards I ordered one of her books on Amazon.

One very interesting topic that Rising brought up was the fact that everybody is affected by prejudice. I naturally…

Dan Persa

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